All Saints' C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs M Robinson | Phone: 01943 607 852 | Email :

Our Christian Values:

Hopeful school through honesty, forgiveness and trust; Achieving school through resilience, respect and ambition; Nurturing school through care, compassion and friendships; Developing school through wisdom, faith and fun; Sharing school through kindness, celebration and love


Foundation Stage Newsletters

Phase 2 Phonics

Phase 3 Phonics

Phase 4 Phonics

The children are really happy to be back at school and have loved telling us all about their wonderful Christmas holidays. We hope you all had a lovely break spending time with family.

The children have shown interests in jungle animals and jungle play and so we have made our role play area into a real jungle! We have been learning all about real jungles found all over the world.

The children have also shown lots of interest about pirates and have been making eye patches, hooks, pirate hats and even wooden legs! We have read lots of pirate stories and made our other role play into a pirate ship which the children love. Everybody is having lots of fun making treasure maps around the classroom!

Small world play- animals, vets, cars, trains …

Physical development – cycling, throwing, jumping, balancing…

Reading and writing activities..

Painting, creating, drawing, mark making…

Sharing our special boxes with our friends and our teachers.

Counting and learning through play…

Learning and playing Outdoors…Water play, building, Growing and observing

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