All Saints' C of E Primary School

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Our Christian Values:

Hopeful school through honesty, forgiveness and trust; Achieving school through resilience, respect and ambition; Nurturing school through care, compassion and friendships; Developing school through wisdom, faith and fun; Sharing school through kindness, celebration and love

Our School and the Community

All Saints’ Parish Church

Please visit the following link to view the All Saints’ Parish Church website:


As part of his desire to give hope to the poor and needy of his community Pastor Ivan Lugolobi established the Revival Centre in the small town of Matugga 12 miles north of the Ugandan capital Kampala. The Centre has grown from a primary school of 30 pupils in 2001 to a primary school of 450 pupils, a secondary school of 350 pupils, an orphanage for 150 children, a clinic serving the Centre and the community and a busy church. In July 2009 a farm was established.

We have supported Pastor Ivan’s work in Matugga for a number of years, collecting money each Harvest to donate to the centre’s ongoing projects and developments.

For more information about the Matugga Revival Christian Life Centre, please visit the website at:

Schools Linking Network and Copthorne Primary School

Our school is fortunate to be part of the Bradford Schools Linking Network with regular visits to and from our friends at Copthorne Primary School in Bradford. The school has also enjoyed participating in Routes to peace events as part of this partnership.

The Schools Linking Network supports schools and other organisations to develop successful and sustainable work that includes exploration of identity and diversity, though linking with other people and communities in thoughtfully planned and equitable ways.

External evaluation of the work of SLN has shown that where linking work is done well, the children and young people who have been involved have improved confidence, self esteem and aspiration, increased communication skills, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. These life skills are often greater predictors of success than test results and are of equal importance in a world which requires flexibility, adaptability, self-awareness and team work.

For more information, please visit:

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