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Comic Relief Grand Total Raised £382.67 – Well Done!


Staffing Structure 2018/19

Headteacher – Mrs M Robinson

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs K Balmer

SENDCO –Miss L King 0.4


Foundation Stage Leaders – Mrs S White 0.4

Mrs M Atkinson 0.6

Foundation stage – Miss A Webb

Year 1 – Miss Flaherty

Year 1/2 – King 0.6 and Mrs R Schofield 0.4

Year 2 – Mrs K Brown – KS1 Phase Leader

Year 3/4 – Mrs J Elliott – Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Year 3/4 – Miss Hetherton

Year 3/4 – Mrs S Simmonds

Year 3/4 – Mrs R McInnes 0.4

Year 5/6 – Mrs K Balmer – Upper KS2 Phase Leader

Year 5/6 – Mr C Thornton

Year 5/6 – Mrs L Fox

Year 5/6 – Mrs D Binney


Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R Dennison

Mrs M Horsman


Teaching/SEND Support Assistants:

Mrs L Barker*

Mrs G Coy

Mrs S Fischbach

Mrs G Gilroy

Mrs J Grant

Mrs E Holmes

Mrs A Hunter

Mrs P Laville

Mrs M Miles

Ms A Seshan

Mrs J Painter

Mrs S Siddons

Mrs K Smith

Mrs S Wilde

Mrs J Wood


Pupil Support/mental Health Champion -Mrs C Murphy*

Teaching/IT Technician – Mrs C Martin

Environment – Mrs C Stewart


School Business Manager – Mrs R Sugden

Office manager – Ms C Craven

Clerical Assistants – Mrs G Gilroy, Mrs Z Hollis


Site Manager – Mr R Smith

Site Cleaning Team:
Mrs D Frankland
Mrs C Wade
Mr E S-Valverde


Catering Manager – Mrs J McCluskey
Assistant Catering Manager – Mrs A Crossfield

Catering Assistants:
Mrs M Earle
Mrs H Milner
Mrs G Parkin


Lunchtime Supervisors:
Senior Playleader
Mrs F Tomblin
Mrs S Armitage
Mrs J Basey
Miss S Howard
Mrs L Nicoll
Mrs J Stuttard


Little Saints’ out of school club

Manager – Mr S Ogilvie

Mrs M Horsman
Miss O Horsman
Mrs L Barker
Mrs H Milner
Mrs L Nicoll
Mr O Greenfield
Mr A  Cunliffe

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