Our Christian Values:

Hopeful school through honesty, forgiveness and trust; Achieving school through resilience, respect and ambition; Nurturing school through care, compassion and friendships; Developing school through wisdom, faith and fun; Sharing school through kindness, celebration and love

Our Staff

Staffing Structure 2021 – 22

Headteacher – Mrs M Robinson

Deputy Headteacher – Mr J Cooper

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs K Brown

SENDCo – Miss L King

Foundation Stage Leaders – Mrs M Atkinson 0.6, Mrs White 0.4 (currently on maternity leave)

Foundation Stage Teachers – Miss H Flaherty & Mrs C Rose (covering maternity leave)

Year 1 – Miss Webb, Mrs R McInnes (0.6) & Mrs R Schofield (0.4)

Year 2 – Mrs K Brown – (KS1 Phase Leader), Miss B McMurrough & Mrs L Quinlan

Year 3/4 – Mrs J Elliott (Lower KS2 Phase Leader), Miss R Hetherton, Mrs S Simmonds & Miss L King (0.5)

Year 5/6 – Mrs L Fox (Joint Upper KS2 Leader), Mr C Thornton (Joint Upper KS2 Leader), Mrs D Binney (0.8), Mrs L Quinlan and Mr J Cooper

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Leader – Mr C Whitehead

ITT School-based Mentor – Mrs K Brown

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mrs R Dennison

Mrs M Horsman

Teaching/SEND Support Assistants:

Mrs L Barker

Mrs G Coy

Ms G Gilroy

Ms J Grant

Mrs T Henney

Mrs E Holmes

Mrs A Hunter

Mrs E Hudson

Mrs P Laville

Mrs M Miles

Mrs C Murphy

Mrs K Newall

Ms A Seshan

Mrs S Siddons

Mrs K Smith

Mrs L Taylor

Mrs F Tomblin

Mrs E Walton

Mrs S Wilde

Miss S Hussain (Apprentice Teaching, Learning and Play Support Worker)

Pupil Support/mental health champions – Mrs C Murphy & Mrs L Barker

School Business Manager – Mrs R Sugden

Office Manager – Ms C Craven

Administration & Finance Assistant – Mrs Z Hollis

Teaching/IT Technician – Mrs C Martin

Site Manager – Mr R Smith

Site Cleaning Team:

Mrs D Frankland (Deputy Site Manager)

Mrs E S-Valverde

Ms J Cannar

Catering Manager – Mrs J McCluskey

Assistant Catering Manager – Mrs A Crossfield

Catering Assistants:

Mrs M Earle

Mrs G Howard

Mrs J Ward

Mrs E Kirkbright

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs F Tomblin (Senior Play Leader)

Mr S Cannar (Play Leader)

Mrs J Basey

Mrs S Bentham

Ms K Dawson

Miss S Hussain (Apprentice Teaching, Learning and Play Support Worker)

Mrs H Milner

Mrs L Nicoll

Mrs C Woolloff

Miss S Hussain (Apprentice Teaching, Learning and Play Support Worker)

Little Saints’ out of school club

Managers – Mr S Cannar (After School Club) & Mrs H Milner (Breakfast Club)


Mrs L Barker

Mrs J Basey

Ms K Dawson

Mrs L Nicoll

Mrs G Howard

Miss S Hussain (Apprentice Teaching, Learning and Play Support Worker)

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