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Year 3 and 4

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome everyone back from the Christmas break and say a special thank you to all the Year 3 and 4 children who led our school community with a wonderful celebration of Christmas at All Saints’ Church just before we broke up.

Our weekly and daily routines remain much the same and we have been impressed with how well all of our pupils have adapted to the changes in access arrangements before and after school. Year 4 will continue to go swimming on a Friday this half term and following the half term break it will be the turn of Year 3. We will send out details shortly. PE lessons take place on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings for Year 3. Please could children come to school dressed in appropriate, named PE kit on the days that they have PE and remain in their kit for the day. PE Kit = Red school sweatshirt, plain white T-shirt, plain black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and dark trainers. The majority of our PE lessons will take place outside.


Here is an overview reminder of the weekly homework expectations.

ReadingRegular reading of school reading book or another age appropriate book, recorded in their reading diary with a comment from the child about their book or the pages read.
Reading comprehension activity or similarGiven Friday to return the following Thursday to group teacher. Homework should be recorded in their homework books. When activities are linked to theme work the hand in day may change. This will be made clear to the children. Reading comprehension activities are intended to be an opportunity for discussion between adult and child to develop their understanding of texts.
Spelling activitiesActivities set on Fridays to support the learning of spelling. Work to be done in blue spelling homework books and returned the following Friday when a dictation will be given to check spellings learnt.
Maths activities (Education City and Times Table Rockstars)

Should your child not have access to a tablet or computer, please let their class teacher know.
Your child has an account on the Times Table Rockstars Website. Each child has a schedule set for them by their group teacher for them to practice multiplication and division facts for the appropriate times tables. By the end of Year 3, children need to know 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s. At the end of Year 4, pupils will be assessed on their rapid recall of all the multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.

To support learning within maths lessons, your child will also be set homework on Education City each week. They will be expected to attempt two maths activities on this website. These activities will go live after school on Friday and they are to be completed by the following Friday.

During this term, we will continue to teach our curriculum in school using a cross-curricular theme approach where we teach knowledge and skills that are naturally linked. This half term our theme is historically based, Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Picts. Here the focus is on investigating Britain in the past using archaeological evidence.  In the second half term our theme has a geography focus looking at the weather and climate change. Our curriculum overview for the term is below.

EnglishWriting, guided reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation taught through the study of quality texts from different genres.
MathsYear 3Number: Multiplication and Division
Measurement: Money
Measurement: Length and Perimeter
Number: Fractions
Year 4Number: Multiplication and Division
Measurement: Area
Number: Fractions
Number: Decimals
ScienceStates of Matter
(Solids, liquids and gases)
HistoryAnglo-Saxons, Scots and Picts
(Investigating Britain in the past using archaeological evidence)
GeographyEco Enterprisel
(Climate Change. Comparing UK weather with other non-UK locations in Europe)
(Barbara Hepworth)
Visit to Barbara Hepworth Gallery
DTStable Structures
(Stem Challenge)
MusicWorld MusicTexture and Timbre
PEStrike and Field/Net and WallStrike and Field/Net and Wall
PE-SwimmingYear 4Year 3
PSHEKeeping myself safe
(Relationships education)
Rights and Responsibilities
(Money, living in the wider world and the environment)
ComputingWe are HTML editors
(Editing and writing HTML)
(Switched on unit 4.4)
We are programmers
(Switched on unit 3.1)
REWhat is the most important festival to the Jewish community?Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?
MFL - FrenchYear 3 Niveau Bleu - Primary French Project
Year 4 Niveau Blanc - Primary French Project

As a final note, as you are already aware, Mrs Simmonds is leaving us at half term for her maternity leave. We are in the process of putting in place cover for 4S while Mrs Simmonds is away.

Kind regards,

Mrs Elliott          Mrs Simmonds          Miss Hetherton          Mr Cooper         

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