Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child has a medical/dental appointment. How should I inform the school?

    Routine medical or dental appointments should be planned outside of the school day. Where this is unavoidable, please email the school office with details of the time of collection and/or return to school. Please attach a copy of the appointment confirmation.

  • How do I apply for a Leave of Absence?

    Please refer to the information under Supporting Children/Attendance.

  • My child has been prescribed short-term medication (e.g. Antibiotics) which need to be administered during the school day. How do I inform the school?

    Please refer to the information under Supporting Children/Medication.

  • How do I inform school that someone else will be collecting my child?

    Within the 'Student Profile' section of Arbor, parents are able to record the names of any adults who are likely to collect your child from school regularly. If an unfamiliar adult arrives to collect your child, Arbor is the first place that school staff will check before they release your child. Please check the adults you have listed on Arbor and ensure that you have ticked 'can collect' if you would like them to collect your child on a regular basis. If you have made a one-off arrangement for your child to be collected by another adult (who is not already listed on Arbor), please email the school office with your child's full name and class along with the adult's full name, before 11am. This will allow the office staff sufficient time to get a message to the class teacher.

  • How do I inform the school that my child would like to change from packed lunch to school meals or vice versa?

    Please email the office to notify school of any change to your child's meal preference. We normally request two days notice to allow sufficient time to inform the kitchen staff. Any outstanding credit on your child's Arbor Meals Account may be refunded, on request.

  • How do I inform the school that my child would like to have snack?

    To sign up for snack, please add your child via Arbor/Trips/Snack.

  • How do I register my child for additional music tuition?

    A wide variety of instrumental tuition, both individual lessons or small group lessons, are available to children in addition to the Music curriculum. Bradford Music & Arts Service manage this provision via peripatetic teachers. To register interest and see what is available please get in touch directly with Bradford Music & Arts Service: Fairfax Learning & Development Centre, Flockton Road, Bradford, BD4 7RY. Telephone 01274 434970 Email: We provide a wide variety of instrumental tuition, both individual lessons or small group lessons, available to children.  The cost of music service lessons is £63 per term for a 20 minute small group lesson each week, or £171 per term for a 20 minute individual lesson each week. Parents are billed directly by Bradford Music and Arts service, and there is also an additional charge for instrument hire if required. Children will receive a minimum of thirty lessons through the academic year. Rocksteady music Rocksteady provide the opportunity for children to learn to play an instrument as part of a band. Children can choose from the electric guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals and enjoy playing in a happy, supportive environment with their friends. 

  • How do I register my child for after-school clubs?

    In addition to Little Saints', we run number of additional extra curricular clubs at lunchtimes and after-school. Information about which clubs are available is normally released just before the end of term. Parents can sign their child up for clubs via Arbor/Clubs.

  • Can I give permission for my walk to walk to or from school unaccompanied by an adult?

    As a school we want to be confident that children are safe when travelling to and from school. We also want to promote independence of children in preparation for secondary school when they will most likely travel to school unaccompanied. In Year 5 and 6, many children will want to start to develop that independence and as a parent you may choose to support this. As a school, we recommend that this begins no earlier than the summer term of Year 5. In order for you to make an informed decision please see the guidance below from the NSPCC website: ‘There’s no legal age that your child can travel home from school alone – this is up to you and your best judgements. However, you should never leave a child alone who isn’t ready or able to care for themselves – learn more about leaving children home alone.’ ‘If you and your child do feel they are ready to come home alone, it helps to have some rules about staying safe: · Make sure they know their address and telephone number by heart, in case they get lost or have to navigate home from somewhere new. · If they have a mobile phone, remind them to fully charge it before leaving the house, and make sure they have your all contact numbers saved. · Talk to them about road safety. They should look both ways before crossing the street, and never be on their phone when crossing the road · Remind them never to accept a lift from someone they don’t know, or let a stranger in the house. They should never give personal information away – in real life or online · Remind them that if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, they should call a trusted adult · If they ever feel they’re in immediate danger, they should call the police straight away on 999’ If you would like your child to walk home unaccompanied please complete the consent form on Arbor. Once this is completed, your child will be dismissed from the school door by a member of school staff at 3.20pm.

  • Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

    Mobile phone are not permitted in school. In exceptional circumstances only, permission to have a mobile phone in school may be considered for year 6 pupils only. Exceptions circumstances would include: -Walking to/from school on their own. -Walking to a club after school. -Spending the evening with a different family member. Please contact the school office if you would like to request permission for your Year 6 child to have a mobile phone in school.

  • Can my child wear jewellery to school?

    Children are welcome to wear small, stud earrings for school which must be removed before PE and sports clubs. Watches may also be worn but please disable any features such as cameras that smart watches may have. No other jewellery should be worn to school. Children should not wear makeup to school and long hair should be tied up with an appropriate accessory such as a small bobble or hair band.