Pupil Premium

The pupil premium grant is funding to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in state-funded schools in England.

The grant also provides support for children and young people with parents who serve in the regular armed forces, referred to as service pupil premium (SPP). This has been combined into pupil premium payments to make it easier for schools to manage their spending. Pupils that the SPP intends to support are not necessarily from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Evidence shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • generally face greater challenges in reaching their potential at school
  • often do not perform as well as their peers

The Pupil Premium grant is designed to support children with disadvantages to be successful.

Schools are required to publish a report to show how they intend to support children entitled to Pupil Premium funding each year. Our latest report can be found below.

Entitlement to Pupil Premium funding

Children who are receipt of ‘free school meals’ are automatically entitled to Pupil Premium funding which is paid directly to the school each academic year. If you would like any information on entitlement to ‘free school meals’ please follow this link.