4H – Miss Hetherton’s Class 2023-2024

Welcome to 4H Class – please keep checking back as we will update this page regularly to share the exciting learning that happens in our classroom.

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Home Learning Showcase

Please join us after school on Friday 12th July (approx. 3:30 – 3:45) so that the children can share their fantastic rainforest home learning projects!

Multiplication Tables Check

All the children completed the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) on Friday 8th June. Results will be published to school in the week of 24th June and will be communicated to parents with end of year reports.

In our daily practice at school, we try to say facts in a consistent way, always with the highest number first, e.g.

6 x 9 = 54 would be said as, “Nine sixes are fifty-four.”


42 ÷ 7 = 6 would be said as the multiplication fact, “Seven sixes are forty-two.”

For more information on the MTC, please see the Government guidance for parents here.

Summer 2 Home Learning Projects – Rainforests and Conservation

Building on the success of our European projects (see below!), here are some ideas to complement our upcoming learning on rainforests and conservation. The list is not exhaustive and other ideas are very welcome! Completed projects should, if possible, be brought into school in the week commencing 1st July.

  • Make a model showing the different layers of a rainforest.
  • Create a montage or collage of a rainforest scene.
  • Create a piece of art depicting the debate about deforestation.
  • Create an explanation poster of environmental changes and their effect on life.
  • Grow your own mini rainforest!

Summer 2 Spelling

Below is the list of spelling units for the current half-term. These patterns are practised every day at school, and usefully supported by additional home learning. Words are taken from the Read Write Inc. spelling scheme we introduced this year – a mixture of the units from Year 4 alongside those from Year 2 and Year 3 units which we feel are useful recaps for the children.

WeekPatternExample words
3rd JuneWords ending in -elangel, cancel, jewel, label, level, parcel, squirrel, towel, travel, tunnel, vowel
10th JuneAdding the suffix -ousdangerous, enormous, generous, jealous, nervous, perilous, poisonous, ridiculous
17th JuneAdding the suffix -ion (1)admission, confession, discussion, expression, permission, possession
24th JuneAdding the suffix -ion (2)comprehension, confusion, expansion, precision, revision, suspension, tension
1st July onwardsNational Curriculum word list,
assessment and consolidation

In addition, the National Curriculum Year 3/4 word list can be accessed here (p16).

Summer 1 Home Learning Projects – Europe

We were so impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the class towards their first Home Learning Projects! It was fantastic to be able to share these with so many of you at our first Y4 showcase event – thank you for attending. Here are some of the projects the class completed!