Art Festival Day 2

What a fantastic 2 days of art! All the children have had a great time exploring a range of materials and finding out about many new artists using nature as their focus and stimulus. The children have had the opportunity to explore painting natural backgrounds, printing with natural materials, creating amazing 3D birds, drawing birds, printing into clay and many more!

Children have looked at artists such as, Van Gogh, Andy Goldsworthy, Lisa Lloyd, Anna Atkins and Jim Moir (also known as, Vic Reeves!!)

The children were in groups of mixed ages from reception to year 6. It has been wonderful to see the children support and encourage one another throughout the sessions. All the groups were named after garden, woodland and moor birds such as, curlew, blue tit, sparrow, magpie, jay and others. So, a little bit of ornithological knowledge in there too! Well done everyone for all your had works and creativity!