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Year 5 and 6

Welcome to Year 5 & 6

Achieve KS2 Parent GuidePlease click here to access the Achieve KS2 Parent Guide

The Team for 2016 – 17

6D Mr Derrig
6T Mr Thornton
6F Mrs Fox
Year Group Coordinator/ Maths and Literacy teacher Mrs Balmer

There are plenty of things to look forward to next year. Our residential to Kingswood Peak Venture in September will be a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know the staff team too.

As much as possible, we teach in a cross curricular way, through themes. Our overriding themes next year are:

War and Peace
Extreme Environments
The Ancient Greeks
A more detailed version of subjects taught can be found on our school website.

Maths and Literacy will be taught in separate groups for year 5 and year 6. This enables us to have 4 smaller classes. Maths is grouped according to ability, Literacy is taught in 2 mixed ability groups.

Children will be moving between classrooms much more, so we do expect them to be independent and well organised in Year 5, keeping a homework diary which contains a timetable and other important information.

Children will be moving from the reading scheme to free choice reading where they will be expected to select books from the classroom, home or the school library to read, keeping an ongoing record for themselves. They may bring a small pencil case containing the basics, however we do supply everything required.

PE is taught in classes twice a week. On a THURSDAY, all of the year group will have a PE lesson. In order to maximise their PE time, we allow children to wear their PE kit for school. They will not need jewellery or watches on that day.

You are very welcome to talk to staff about anything which might arise over the year, however the start of the day is not always the most convenient time, as teachers are preparing for their lesson. Please speak to Mrs Allison in the office and she will arrange a convenient time.

Have a lovely summer and we will look forward to seeing you in September!

Welcome to the Spring Term. There are lots of things to look forward to this term.  Here are some of them.

 Spring Term
Cross Curricular Theme Extreme Environments
Visiting speaker to talk about survival
Novel for Year 5 and 6Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morgurgo
MathsDecimals, Percentages, Measurement, Algebra, Ratio, Geometry and Statistics
Geography ThemeMountains, volcanoes, earthquakesAfrica/ Matugga
ArtSketching and painting based on the Great wave off Kanagawa
Design TechnologyFood Tech- Designing and making high energy bars for mountaineers
MusicComposing- SeascapesDrumming
Visiting Theatre Company
Material World Y5We’re Evolving Y6
Personal and Social Education
Life Bus Visit
Reaching for starsIt’s good to be me
ITSensing Robotics Skills Using sensors
Web Design
All Faiths
All Faiths Initiation
All Faiths
FrenchClothesLikes / Dislikes

Year 5 & 6 long term curriculum overview (Cycle A: 2015 – 2016)

New National Curriculum 2014: Guide for Parents

Glossary for English at KS1 and KS2

Useful Websites for Parents Including Homework Sites

Year 5 & 6 Statutory Words 

Maths Calculation Policy