Ingleborough Hall Residential Day 1

At the end of the first day the children have all had a fantastic time. They have just settled down to hot chocolate and a bedtime story. Their dorms are all ready for bedtime – we are told they are ‘fairly tidy’ at the moment. Charlotte has already eaten all her sweets!

Some of the highlights from today have been:

The food – dinner was pizza or jumbo fish fingers with chips and peas followed by chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce. The children then cleaned the dining room and set it ready for their breakfast.

Caving included the ‘squeezy’ challenges.

We rounded off the night with problem solving activities including a nightline, drainpipe challenge, ‘Tantrix’, sudoku and the ‘knot challenge’.

What the children have to say:

Thea ‘This goes over that and then under that and then goes down again and then you pull it!’ when completing the Knot Challenge.

Katie ‘ I liked gorge scrambling and found a fossil that I really liked.’

Torran ‘ I’ve really enjoyed playing the games with my group. My favourite was ‘Shepherd and Sheep’

What the staff team have to say:

Mrs. Binney ‘They’ve all been blooming amazing!’