All Saints' C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs M Robinson | Phone: 01943 607 852 | Email :

Our Christian Values:

Hopeful school through honesty, forgiveness and trust; Achieving school through resilience, respect and ambition; Nurturing school through care, compassion and friendships; Developing school through wisdom, faith and fun; Sharing school through kindness, celebration and love

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy

The school provides computers with Internet access and a range of other equipment to help your learning. When using our ICT Network and associated equipment we have acceptable use rules. Following these rules will keep everyone safe and help us be responsible users.

  • I will use only my own login and password, which I will keep secret;
  • I will only access my own files.
  • I will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet;
  • I will use the computers only for school work and homework and other things that I have permission for;
  • I will only access programs or internet sites which my teacher has told me to access;
  • I will not bring CD-ROMs, DVDs, and Flash Memory Sticks into school unless I have permission and they are scanned before I use them.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or my teacher has approved;
  • The messages I send will be polite and sensible;
  • I will not send or upload pictures or videos of myself or other children without my teacher’s permission.
  • I will not bring into school my own camera or other image capture devices(like phones) and take pictures.
  • I will not give my full name, home address, phone number, or arrange to meet someone, unless my parent, carer or teacher has given permission;
  • To help protect other pupils and myself, I will tell a teacher if I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive messages I do not like;
    I understand that I can use the internet for research but that I cannot copy and paste information or download video or music that is protected by copyright laws;
  • I understand that the school may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit.
  • I understand that breaking these rules can put all of us at risk, so anyone who does will not be able to use the school network.
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