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Year Reps

We are trying to set up a system of Year Reps throughout the school to encourage social events for parents in each year and to act as a liaison between parents and the PTA.

The role involves:

1. Social

  • Sending an introductory note to parents in the year introducing Year Reps and the role, asking for contact details of anyone who wants to be on the year’s contact list and asking for any ideas as to what social events parents would like.
  • Keeping an up-to-date contact list, so parents in that year can easily contact other parents.
  • Organising a few events for parents eg coffee mornings, evenings out etc.
  • If required by the rest of the year’s parents, co-ordinating thank you presents for your teachers & classroom assistants.
  • If requested by the teacher, organising parental support for class trips and activities.

2. PTA

  • Liaising between the PTA Committee and parents in the year, disseminating any relevant PTA decisions/messages to parents (eg by email or in the playground), passing feedback/suggestions from parents to the PTA and acting as the eyes and ears of the PTA on the ground.
  • Encouraging parents in the year to support PTA events, including volunteering for a role or event.

Katie Stitson is the PTA Year Rep Organiser, who supports Year Reps and ensures they get the relevant information to disseminate from the PTA Committee and have someone they can easily get feedback/suggestions to.

This is a very sociable role, which involves only a minimal time commitment. If you are interested in becoming a Year Rep, please contact

Katie Stitson (